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Posted August 1, 2023

Strata RULES and BYLAWS What you need to know as a tenant

As a tenant your tenancy maybe contingent on you complying with the strata bylaws. Be sure to request them and any updates from your landlord or landlords agent prior to moving into your rental property.

Most of the common bylaws for strata developments are regulated by the Provincial government. When moving into a condo or suite make sure you are provided with the building bylaws before you move in, so you do not break any of the rules. Should you as a tenant break any of the rules you may face serious financial penalties, or even be asked to vacate the rental unit.  

The bylaws can be quite lengthy and detailed. If you have any questions about them, contact the rental manager for clarification.

It is important to have a clear understanding of all the rules and regulations before you move in.

There may be Standard Bylaws and separate bylaws set by the Strata Corporation. Every bylaw is enforceable and must be adhered to by the resident.

Bylaws can cover issues such as what kind of pet is allowed in the building, restrictions on common areas and “quiet times” in the building. There can even be visitor restrictions, balcony restrictions, window covering restrictions and subletting restrictions, read all the bylaws carefully!

There may even be restrictions on use of the amenities such as pool, hot tub and gym.